Culion is still under the radar as it is overshadowed by its more famous neighbor, Coron. Some of the attractions shared by these two towns are closer to Culion but can be much more expensive compared to when you take the day tours from Coron. If you decide to go to Culion and explore the town more, here is an itinerary for a two nights’ stay.

But before that, this itinerary assumes that:

  • You’re traveling with at least one person, sharing expenses.
  • Your accommodation budget is around P1200 per night; split with another person so prepare to spend at least P600 per night.
  • You’re traveling from Coron and going by a passenger boat to Culion on the day you arrive.
  • You’ll pay the standard prices for tours. You can bargain, but if you have the budget, don’t. Culion isn’t a famous destination, so you’ll be helping the local economy if you don’t haggle.

Day 1: Coron to Culion

11:00 am – Coron Hotel check out
11:30 am – Lunch, P200
12:45 am – Arrive at the port
01:30 am – Boat departure for Culion, P180 + P20
03:00 pm – ETA in Culion
03:15 pm – Check-in at accommodation
03:30 pm – Explore the town
06:30 pm – Dinner, P150
08:00 pm – Return to accommodation
09:00 pm – Lights out!

Note: You can do the historical tour on the day you arrive; however, some places close early.

Day 2: Historical Tour and/or Snorkeling

04:30 am – Wake up and prepare for the walk to Aguila Viewpoint for sunrise
05:00 am – Begin to walk up to the viewpoint
06:15 am – Return to hotel and get more sleep
07:00 am – Breakfast, P150
08:00 am – Start Historical Tour
12:00 nn – Lunch, P150
01:00 pm – Boat trip to Lusong Shipwreck and Coral Garden
05:30 pm – Return to town
06:30 pm – Dinner
08:00 pm – Return to accommodation
09:00 pm – Lights out!

Note: You can go to Lusong Shipwreck and Coral Garden first in the morning and do the historical tour in the afternoon. You can do the shipwreck and coral garden for the entire day.

Day 3: Return to Coron

05:30 am – Wake up call and preparation for departure
06:15 am – Hotel Check out
07:00 am – Depart for Coron, P180 + P20
08:30 am – ETA in Coron


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