Best Diving Sites in Palawan

Palawan is one of the main destinations in the Philippines. The stunning shorelines, aquamarine waters, and a marine ecosystem that rivals some of the best in the world draw people to the island. The province has plenty to offer all sorts of travelers, whether they want to just bum around the beach or explore its underwater wonders.

Other than the beaches and natural beauty of Palawan, many tourists make their way here to go scuba diving. There are many schools and dive shops for travelers who want to get their license, gain more experience, or see all that the province has to offer beneath its crystal clear waters.

These are some of the top scuba diving destinations in Palawan. Divers will enjoy exploring these spots because of their diverse marine life exemplified by colorful corals and all sorts of sea creatures.

Tubbataha Reef

This reef has gained worldwide recognition and has earned a UNESCO World Heritage Site listing. This comes as no surprise because its area covers one of the most diverse in the world. Diving here is a true pleasure because of the many marine species you’ll get to see from up close. You’ll see sharks, dolphins, fish, and corals that come in various shapes and sizes. Most trips are on liveaboard vessels that take a handful of days (and are also quite expensive). If you really love diving, you’ll be willing to spend whatever amount to explore Tubbataha. The usual jump-off point is Puerto Princesa.

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Tagbao Island

While in El Nido, make sure to include Tagbao Island to your scuba diving itinerary. This destination has beautiful coral gardens for those lucky enough to reach them. Located in Bacuit Bay, the reefs are found in shallow waters that make it an ideal spot for beginners. You’ll gain more experience scuba diving here and see plenty of colorful fish and different shaped corals. If you happen to be here during October to December, you might see whale sharks swimming about. The island is also a snorkeling destination for those who don’t dive.

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Bulawit Bay

Linapacan is not as famous or as popular as Puerto Princesa, Coron, and El Nido, but that is exactly why it is an interesting destination to dive in. Bulawit Bay is an accessible diving destination whether you are a beginner or experienced. A variety of sea creatures will greet you some of which include barracudas, sea turtles, ribbon fish, eels and others.

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Barracuda Lake

Located in Coron, Barracuda Lake is not just an attraction you visit during an island-hopping trip but it is also a diving destination. It has a unique blend of salt and freshwater. It got its moniker because of the huge barracuda seen swimming in it. The lake is deep and provides a distinct experience compared to the usual dive. Make sure to include this spot whenever you plan on diving in Coron.

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The Wall

This diving destination in Roxas may not have name recall, but this is a blessing in disguise. Fewer people make a trip here. Those that make the journey are rewarded with a vibrant and beautiful underwater ecosystem. Many photographers visit this part of Palawan to take photos of the sea creatures going about their business here.

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Coron Bay

Coron is a diver’s haven; there are options when you visit. Coron Bay is famous for the shipwrecks turned into reefs. Several ships sank in its depths during World War II. Divers will have a good time swimming in and out of the holes and the wrecks while seeing Coron’s underwater beauty. Some wreck sites are open to beginners while others may need further certification and experience. The ideal time to visit is somewhere between December to March because of better visibility during these months.

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Mares Rock

Located in Puerto Princesa Bay, the reef drops to more than a hundred feet. Experienced divers will enjoy seeing deep-sea dwellers such as crustaceans and beautiful nudibranch. Other fish seen in these parts of Palawan include turtles, tuna, and barracudas just to name a few.

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Dilumacad Tunnel

This tunnel stretches for more than a hundred feet that starts wide then narrows once you reach the exit. Exploring this is quite the experience for experienced divers. The views are beautiful and will feel like you are in another world.

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Cuttlefish Shawl

If you don’t want to travel too far from Puerto Princesa, Cuttlefish Shawl is an ideal diving spot. It is not for beginners, so better to gain more experience before visiting this destination. For experienced divers, they’ll get to explore its depths to marvel at the beautiful underwater ecosystem. Some of the marine life you’ll see include cuttlefish, sea turtles, barracudas, and angelfish. One of the main draws of this spot is the cuttlefish. These creatures can mix into their environment by changing their color and even shape.

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