LINAPACAN: Why It is the Next Top Destination in Palawan

El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa are the main destinations whenever people plan their itinerary for Palawan. If you’ve been to all three and want to see a new place, consider visiting Linapacan. Linapacan is a little known district that has similar white-sand beaches and cerulean waters minus the crowds and development of the three mentioned towns. If you are still on the fence about visiting Linapacan, here are some of the reasons to plan a trip.

Things to Love

Beautiful Beaches

Palawan is famous because of its stunning white-sand shores and aquamarine waters. Linapacan is no different to more popular destinations in Coron and El Nido. Its beaches are immaculate and attention-grabbing. The powdery sand will fit snuggly between your toes and the gentle lapping of the waves will entice you to dip in its waters to cool off. Linapacan is one of the best places to get your dose of vitamin sea.

Some of the Cleanest and Clearest Waters in the Country

Linapacan’s ruggedness has allowed it to stay pristine compared to more popular places in the country. This means its waters are crystal clear and clean. Its waters create an illusion of shallowness that allows you to see several meters into it. The waters are clean because there are no big resorts, restaurants, or housing developments that drain sewage into the sea. You’d want to jump in and douse the afternoon heat once you hit Linapacan’s beaches.

Stunning Underwater Ecosystem

Linapacan is a lot like other parts of Palawan wherein you’ll see a vibrant underwater ecosystem. You don’t have to go scuba diving to see colorful corals and different kinds of sea creatures. Even just snorkeling provides you with stunning views already. You can swim as close to the corals and fish because of the fewer people visiting this part of Palawan.

Fewer People

The remoteness of Linapacan’s islands and its few accommodation and transportation options make it a kind of destination that requires a lot of planning and time. Some people prefer to be comfortable while traveling and settle for popular destinations that are easily accessible and have plenty of hotel options. When you go to Linapacan, you might have to rough it or spend more money to see its islands. This means you and your group might be the only people visiting the beaches. These kinds of destinations attract adventure seekers who want to get away from the crowds.

Destinations to Visit

  • Manlegad. This island’s calm water makes it a good spot to swim.
  • Kagbatang. One of the remote islands of Linapacan. Strong waves and winds are common.
  • Patoyo Island. This is an island near San Miguel, one of the jump-off points to other islands in Linapacan.
  • Iloc Island. This is a small inhabited island.
  • Magransing. The prominent feature of the island is the sandbar.
  • Maosonon Beach. The beach is part of a private island.
  • Binulbulan Island. The main draw is the underwater scene.

These are some of the islands you can visit during your trip. These are divided into the north, south, and west groups.

Island Hopping

The most convenient way to explore the islands of Linapacan is from Sibaltan as a day trip. Once in Sibaltan, the resorts offer joiner tours for around P1500 per person. You can also hire a private boat for approximately P2000. Some of the islands you’ll visit include Magransing, Maosonon, and Binulbulan. If you’re in San Miguel, the boat rental costs around P1500 to P2000+++ to visit the nearby islands.

How to Get to Linapacan

Via Sibaltan

  1. El Nido is a possible jump-off point to reach the beautiful islands of Linapacan as a day trip. There are direct flights that connect El Nido from Manila. Alternatively, you can book a cheaper flight to Puerto Princesa then take a bus or van to El Nido.
  2. Once in El Nido, board a van or jeep from the town’s terminal bound for Sibaltan. The fare is usually between P100 to P150, one way. Public transportation leaves at around 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM; the trip takes approximately one hour. If you are a small or big group, you can hire a tricycle for around P1200 (up to four people) or a van for around P1800 (up to 14 people) to take you to Sibaltan.

Via San Miguel

  1. Sibaltan provides a convenient access to South Linapacan’s islands. If you have more time to spare and want to see more of Linapacan, make your way to San Miguel. You’ll have to travel to Dipnay Port from El Nido or Sibaltan.
  2. Once at the port, you’ll have to catch the boat that leaves for San Miguel at around 12:00 PM. The trip takes around three hours and costs P500 for foreigners and P400 for locals one way.

Where to Stay

Depending on how long you plan to explore Linapacan, you can stay at the resorts and guesthouses in either Sibaltan or San Miguel. Don’t expect much from the accommodations because most have basic amenities; some offer better services and facilities, but you have to pay more for these. You can spend on night each in Sibaltan and San Miguel depending on your itinerary and budget. Traveling alone to this part of Palawan can be expensive, but is still possible. Search here: Linapacan Hotels

If you want El Nido to be your base, here are some of the top resorts as rated by Agoda users.

Top El Nido Resorts

Frangipani El Nido

Duli Beach Resort

Qi Palawan Resort

Cauayan Island Resort (El Nido)

For more options, search here: Palawan Hotels

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